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The Shaker Design Competition was created in an effort to reimagine and develop housing in an inner ring suburb – one with a proud history of innovation and craftsmanship. These inner ring suburbs are “poised for growth,” according to Patrick L. Phillips, Chief Executive Officer at the Urban Land Institute (ULI). “Their proximity to major employment centers and transportation hubs will make inner ring suburbs the ‘sweet spot’ for development and investment over the next several decades.”


However, many have also been impacted by the housing crisis – resulting in the demolition of hundreds of properties and now vacant municipally-owned lots. The work will serve as a model for what can be done in other parts of our city and region to diversify housing stock, make it attractive to a broader range of residents and continue to strengthen neighborhoods as the market continues to stabilize.

The Shaker Design Competition invites architect-builder teams to break from the standard formulas for suburban infill to create new middle-income, owner-occupied housing options that are at the leading edge of design, highly energy efficient, accessible and offer new lifestyle options, including opportunities for living and working from home. The competition invites architects and builders to follow a Shaker Heights tradition which sets a new standard by which other housing will be judged. We seek progressive teams with pragmatic creativity, imagination and an actionable desire to deliver the future of housing.


Join us in building the future – learn more about the Submissions Process here.


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