Supporting Moreland's Success - Shaker Design Competition
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Supporting Moreland’s Success

City Supports Success in the Neighborhood


Economic Development

Both the City and the Shaker Heights Development Corporation are committed to the attraction of technology-based enterprises and entrepreneurs, including artists, to the Moreland district. The Dealership, a business incubator and co-work space, is at the center of their strategy. Monthly events include those organized by The Makers Alliance and focus on science, technology and digital or electronic art. Many who attend these events are new to Shaker Heights. They are both a potential source of business owners and of residents likely to be attracted to innovative new housing in the adjacent neighborhood. Other district assets include gigabit fiber and the City’s 2016 Storefront Renovation Program, which focuses on businesses along the Lee Road corridor.


Housing Preservation

Housing code enforcement is one of the primary tools the City uses to maintain the health and safety of its housing and to preserve housing values. It conducts exterior inspections of owner-occupied houses every five years; interior and exterior inspections of rental properties every three years; and point of sale inspections of all properties prior to transfer.


Tax Abatement

A Community Reinvestment Area encompasses all residential vacant lots in the Moreland district. The City offers 10 year 100% tax abatement for new single-family residential construction sold to owner occupants.



Marketing the attributes of the Moreland district initiative is key to the revitalization strategy. The City’s marketing department publishes an award-winning quarterly magazine, which features a Moreland Rising article in every issue. The magazine is mailed to every Shaker household and business and is posted to the City’s website. Both the magazine and the website play significant roles in promotion of the community. Webpages provide prospective residents with key information about relocation and promote the Moreland district project. The department provides relocation materials and personalized tours. A major E-magazine, Fresh Water Cleveland, popular among millennials and the local creative class, is following the revitalization efforts.


Neighborhood Engagement

Moreland residents are a significant part of the neighborhood’s vitality and are active partners in its revitalization. Monthly neighborhood drop-ins produce resident-led activities, including a neighborhood block party and a production of “Our Town”. They have been key players in arts-related activities, including creation of a mural led by Sankofa Fine Arts, a series of artists forums led by Ingenuity Cleveland, and design-related workshops focused on youth and facilitated by Kent State University Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative.