Program - Shaker Design Competition
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The Shaker Design Competition: A NEW Vision for Infill in the Greater Cleveland area challenges entrants to envision an innovative new approach to housing.


Entrants should:


Create conceptual designs for one or a combination of the infill sites that are identified in the map (view or download the map).


These design ideas should fit into traditional neighborhoods but offer new housing options on the sites.


Single Lot: 3539 Chelton Road

PPN  735-25-048


Double Lot: 3531 Chelton Road

PPN 735-25-050 & 735-25-051


Triple Lot: 3561 Chelton Road; 3567 Chelton Road; 3571 Chelton Road

PPN 735-25-043, 735-25-042 & 735-25-041


We do NOT expect full house plans, just conceptual designs.



Emphasize energy efficiency.

  • Energy efficiency is a critical component of any new housing.
  • Today’s energy efficiency standards aim far too low.
  • The City wishes to see net zero ready or passive housing that can fit the budgets of middle-income households.
  • It has been shown to be feasible all over Europe, and we believe it can succeed here as well.


Incorporate intergenerational accessibility.


Create designs that inspire replication in other communities in the region.